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  • Medium’s new partner rules makes it much harder for a new writer
  • It can go from a burden to a boost for new writers and a feature for readers with a minor change


When a new reader goes to your profile, Medium shows about a one-minute preview of each of your stories. That’s OK if you have three or four, but what if you have 50 or 100?

This Master TOC provides links to a list of stories, with brief synopsis descriptions, in the category of your choice.

In addition, it has links to the author’s latest published story and…

Overweight man
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How I dropped my weight 40 pounds and kept it off for 31 years without special diets or exercising


  • Diets don’t work because one day they will end. This article explains how to identify and change things permanently. Once you’ve decided what weight you want, it provides tips to handle your everyday meals, substitution techniques, methods to stay on track, and how I handled two remissions. During the shutdown, I lost 7 pounds because larger restaurant meals were factored into my normal week and home meals were smaller. I show many detailed, usable examples. Good luck.

I start to notice my weight

People around me have talked about their diets for years, but nothing ever changes. Why?

Diets don’t work
Because they attack the wrong…

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Personal Philosophy

It’s the compliment everyone sees. Actions speak louder than words.


  • How do other people see you when you are out in public? Do you look happy to be together? Do you pay attention to each other? A simple story on how to improve your relationship.

How others see us

People, i.e. strangers, frequently comment on how they love watching us dancing together. Odd since I don’t know how to dance. One lady even gave us a red rose.

That is today. It started years ago.

During our vacation in Cancun, Mexico, the waiter told us that we were not like most couples. All of the staff had noticed. We asked what he meant. …

Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash

HIDDEN Consequences

I thought the cruelty of torture was outlawed until I read the Texas abortion bill. Then there is a Guilty until Proven Innocent provision.


The abortion bill may have opened a huge Pandora’s box by legalizing extortion for an individual abortion, plus many other things. There is no reason the worst provisions in that bill can’t be written into every other law. First, a definition:

extortion (noun)
the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

Definitions from Oxford Languages

Then, to meet the “the equal protection of the laws” portion of the 14th Amendment, they need to expand the extortion rights to all people for all actions.

Different types of extortion

Typically, the extortionist is after money, but extortion can also be used to force…

Photos by Hakan Nural on Unsplash, Cropped to fit & combined by author


Taliban — 2,372 US soldiers in 20 years. Anti-vaxxers — 27,588 US deaths in August.


This heading on my Facebook post was to highlight just how deadly and irresponsible anti-vaxxers are. It generated my longest Facebook response string ever, even more than any one of my articles bashing Trump, Pelosi, or the Supreme Court.

One naysayer posted the book link on How to Lie with Statistics on a separate post, implying that there was no connection.

There is a direct connection, although my manager once said, “What is obvious to you may not be obvious to anyone else.

I’ll explain here what the connection is, a couple of brief examples of how to lie with…

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Finding Followers

Medium’s 100 follower minimum for payout creates a problem. It’s easy to fix w/o a rule change & improves service for writers and readers.


From Medium’s Terms of Service: “Thanks for using Medium. Our mission is to deepen people’s understanding of the world and spread ideas that matter.”

Medium provides a platform for writers to publish well-written stories and a location for interested readers to easily find and read them.

The membership fee is low for unlimited reading and writing access. If a member joins the partner program, they can get paid based on the time members spend reading their articles.

Medium’s new partner rules
makes it much harder for a new writer.

A minor rule change and a new Medium-sponsored publication can change…

Due to an operational bug, the new List feature was not a good idea for creating a Master table-of-contents ( TOC ).

This article shows how a powerful new feature can become a software bug without doing anything wrong or breaking

It seemed great at first. I linked category Lists into the Master TOC. Medium created the photo. I could add a new story to a category list and didn’t have to change the Master. I could rearrange the list at any time.

I was halfway through converting my story TOC’s to Lists when the problem began to manifest itself.

Section Header for: Leadership & Project Management — Table of Contents (TOC)

This Story Title serves as the heading for a batch of stories in a List,
much like a

Title Line

in a story.

Photo by author, August 2021

Top of List — Section Header for: Leadership & Project Management — Table of Contents (TOC)

This Story Title serves as the heading for a batch of stories in a List,
much like a

Title Line

in a story.

Photo by author, August 2021

True Stories

My 75th birthday is the closest I will ever come to beer, and it was just an image

Photo by Denise Elaine Cochran Myers, August 2021

My history with beer

Even in college, I did not like beer. My classmates and I went to Expo 67, a world fair in Montreal. The beer pavilion was giving out samples from their 120 different brands. My classmates could not find one that I liked.

I can see how beer became popular back in the dark ages when beer was safer to drink than water, but water is safe today.

My 75th birthday

My four brothers, my daughter, my wife’s daughter, and my wife’s sister traveled to The Villages, FL for a celebration. They weren’t much worried since The Villages has a 91% vaccination rate.


William “Bill” Myers, Analyzes all, Programmer, retired. If you learn anything new, find enjoyment, have a new thought, then I’m successful. Photo: 1st article

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