Based on this article, I was an Agile developer throughout my career.

I relied heavily on prototyping, user involvement ASAP, and testing with real data — even when working with cards and apps before the internet. I never had a project fail from 1969 to 2017.

Thanks for a good overview of the Agile approach.

I sponsored a real-world college project. They thought that they were using Agile methodologies. They weren’t. They were using waterfall. Their project failed due to communication issues.

Here is something that should be added to all project plans:

We had a major bug crop up on implementation of an internal project, which took 2 days to fix. The Dept. Head asked, “Is this one of those adjustments?

He wasn’t upset at all since he was prepared, in advance, for something to happen and we had a plan in place to fix it, whatever it was.

William “Bill” Myers, Analyzes all, Programmer, retired. If you learn anything new, find enjoyment, have a new thought, then I’m successful. Photo: 1st article

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