Congratulations on changing carb types and cutting portion sizes.

I live with a diabetic. White bread is fast, just like eating a tablespoon of sugar. Whole-wheat bread and brown rice are slow. There are many other equivalents. For example, 15 grapes, ½ banana, one orange, 12 potato chips, 7 French fries, 1/3 bag of microwave popcorn, one ounce of bread, ½ cup of ice cream and one tablespoon of sugar are all one carb. One unit of insulin.

My overall diet has improved immensely since I married her.

During the shutdown, I lost 7 pounds since we did not go out to restaurants twice a week.

William “Bill” Myers, Analyzes all, Programmer, retired. If you learn anything new, find enjoyment, have a new thought, then I’m successful. Photo: 1st article

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