Green New Deal — has anybody actually read it? I did read the “Green New Deal” document as submitted to Congress. In my opinion, it is nothing but a list of goals without any way to achieve them. Items in ( ) are my comments. All other are copy/paste

Personal note. First: Climate Change is real or NY would still be under a mile of ice from the last ice age. Second: it is part of a cycle of thousands of years. Third: people have nothing to do with it. Fourth: people do cause some of the problems attributed to climate change and those need to be fixed.
  • climate change, pollution, and environmental destruction have exacerbated systemic racial, regional, social, environmental, and economic injustices (climate change is the cause of all problems. It used to be abortion).
  • free college for all (will cause a diluted degree)
  • directing investments to spur economic development (everything will become a green industry — went through that with R&D in the 1980’s)
  • creates high-quality union jobs
  • guaranteeing a union job for all
  • stop transfer of jobs and pollution overseas
  • honoring all treaties and agreements with indigenous peoples, enforcing the sovereignty and land rights of indigenous peoples (how far back do we go? Do you plan to give up your house?)
  • prevent unfair competition and domination by monopolies (Sherman Anti-Trust Act is supposed to do that)
  • providing all people health care; housing; economic security; and clean water, clean air, healthy and affordable food, and access to nature

Notice that not much of this has anything to do with climate change.

William “Bill” Myers, Analyzes all, Programmer, retired. If you learn anything new, find enjoyment, have a new thought, then I’m successful. Photo: 1st article

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